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by Joanne Fleisher

Joanne is pleased to be a contributing blogger to The Huffington Post. Click to read her articles.

Lavender Visions provides services designed to reach married people from all over the world who may be questioning their sexuality or starting a coming out process.

Joanne Fleisher is a therapist specializing in lesbian and gay concerns. Areas of particular interest include family issues - such as gay parenting, blended families, general relationship issues and everyday life stresses. Individual and couples counseling is available in her Philadelphia office. If you live outside the Philidelphia area, use of telephone coaching and weekend workshops creates support that might not be available just where you live.

"The best thing I did for myself in my coming out was your workshop. Thanks for making a safe space for me to BECOME who I was intended to be. So much love and respect to you."- Mick

Joanne’s programs and services include:

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Living Two Lives Second Edition
Married to a Man & In Love with a Woman
by Joanne Fleisher

A guide for married women awakening to their attraction to other women.

Joanne Fleisher, LCSW
Author of the book Living Two Lives

NEW Workshop for Married Women Attracted to Women

When: TBA
Location: NYC, NY
Cost: $375

Merav Segal coaches women through the coming out process, and will be leading the weekend workshops for married women attracted to women, beginning in May, 2017.

Click here for details and to register. Please contact Joanne for consultations to discuss individual issues prior to or after the workshop.